Optional services (IGeL)

Individual health services - IGeL for short - are diagnostic and treatment methods that are not part of the catalogue of services provided by the statutory health insurance.

The statutory health insurance funds are increasingly restricting themselves to their original task: financial protection in the event of illness. IGeL are explicitly not part of this. They are medically useful and thus desirable services that supplement preventive care, diagnostics and therapy - "optional services" that the insured person must pay for privately.

Our aim is to provide patients with statutory health insurance with a high quality of diagnosis, therapy and prophylaxis. Therefore, we have put together a wide range of individual health services which we can perform in our practice.
You then decide what you would like to do for your health and for the health of your unborn child over and above your health insurance contribution.

You can express your wish for IGeL services to the practice team prior to the examination and you will receive a private invoice according to the scale of fees for doctors (GOÄ96). Of course, you will receive a receipt for the amount paid.

The lively use of IGeL services in our practice proves that our patients recognise and want the sense and value of them.

A list of these services with description, purpose and costs can be found in the practice folder as well as on posters and handouts in the practice. If you have further questions about the individual services, please contact us.

  • Precaution

    • Preventive ultrasound of the female breast (mammasonography),
    • screening ultrasound of the uterus and ovaries,
    • Bowel cancer screening,
    • cancer screening (thin-prep smear),
    • gynaecological vaccination for thrush prophylaxis,
    • pregnancy ultrasound,
    • toxoplasmosis test during pregnancy,
    • Laboratory tests as a health check-up (individual laboratory medicine)
  • Pregnancy

    • Additional ultrasound examinations during pregnancy
  • Birth control

    • Insertion of a copper IUD,
    • insertion of a "hormone IUD" (Mirena, Kyleena, Jaydess),
    • Ultrasound monitoring of the IUD,
    • Administration of the "three-month injection".

Osteoporosis measurement

Since September 2021, we have been offering radiation-free bone densitometry in our practice. Early detection of osteoporosis using R.E.M.S. technology. Simply contact us.

Our consultation hours

We ask you to always make an appointment with us in advance. This avoids unnecessary waiting times so that you can be treated quickly at the agreed time.

Please also call if you have to come to us unexpectedly in an emergency.

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